1. Attacking Trump over this is very disheartening, it seems to indicate our American Catholic Hierarchy is turning a blind eye to the pelvis issues as Bishop Barron infamously puts it, in order to become part of the Donald Trump resistance movement.

    • Sandra:

      I do not see any less interest in the sexual issues by the hierarchy. Perhaps you have some examples. I assume that the hierarchy can walk and chew gum theologically at the same time. Both sets of issues deserve attention. If you are interested in the comprehensive ethic of life issues, I commend the lecture by Dr. Cory Labrecque for us at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaqqJYPMk2w

  2. An important and compelling question: “What has the greatest authority or priority in our lives-politics or religion?” Dr. Thompson’s response is a cogent analysis, supporting the need for careful discernment between and within Church and State. We need more well thought-out voices as is Dr. Thompson’s.
    Well done!

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