A Prayer for Today

I offer this prayer for all health care workers who are combatting the Coronavirus. Heavenly Father, we are living in a strange time. Help us to understand this moment and our role in it. Please, please hear us. We need you, more than ever, for we are now afflicted by an unseen enemy. It haunts … [Read more…]

Keeping Hope Alive: The Christian Journey of Peace

Plenary Address by Dr. Phillip Thompson for the Catholic Orthodox Prayer Service on October 23, 2018 Christ the King Cathedral (Atlanta) Jesus Weeps “Jesus Wept.” This is the shortest sentence in the New Testament. He wept for the suffering of Mary and Martha at the loss of Lazarus. Their tears moved him. But what would … [Read more…]

Lists of Catholic Movies

In a film world full of junk that is cotton candy for the mind, I am providing here lists of movies with profound spiritual themes. These are Catholic lists. These are movies in my book, Lights in the Darkness,Exploring Catholic Themes in Twelve Extraordinary Movies.  A Man for All Seasons The Flowers of Saint Francis … [Read more…]

Martin Luther King Day 2018, Je Suis Haitian

Over the years, I have had a number of African and Haitian American students. I have had students-dreamers-who were covered by DACA. They were all good people who were so deserving of respect and participation in our country. This is for them. My prayers have been with you, and now I write in solidarity with … [Read more…]